A new Important Dates Document has been posted correcting the date for Junior Boys tryouts, which is Tuesday November 4, 2014 from 7pm to 830pm. You may view and/or print a new one here.

Attention all coaches and volunteers - If you need a mandatory VIRTUS class, there will be one held on November 18, 2014 at Sacred Heart of Castleton Church, from 630-830 PM. You must have this class to coach or to be an active volunteer with our CYO kids. There is no cost, but you must RSVP with Seth Hendrick at shendric@nycap.rr.com to be registered.

Coaches: try these positive encouragement techniques at your games and practices!


Gym Rules for Castleton Elementary School

  • No food or drink in the gym. This includes the upper level seating. This is per the school administration and is for safety reasons.
  • There will be spectator seating along the court sideline on the Ransom Ave side. This seating is going to be for older persons, handicap, and for people who will be unable to use the stairs.
  • Upper level seating will have access from the hallway only. There will be no spectators allowed on the court behind the baskets. Again, safety reasons. Players and coaches are going to be allowed on the players bench, which will be on the Campbell ave side. Please have your children change into their sneakers before they enter the gym.
  • Entrance to the gym will be thru the doors in the rear parking lot off Ranson Avenue, by the outside basketball courts ONLY. All other entrance doors will be locked for security reasons. The gym doors off Campbell ave are for emergency use only.
  • Do not park in any fire lanes or your car may be towed. Please park in a designated area.
  • Please use the restrooms in the hallway. The rest rooms and locker rooms on the court are for players only. Again, we do not want any spectators on the court at any time.
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